In November 2019 I submitted a Letter of Intent to Burning Man org to propose an idea for their 2020 festival. In December, I was asked to submit a full proposal including a timeline and budget for making it happen in Black Rock Desert Nevada this year. As I write this, I have submitted the full proposal and am awaiting a response come March. The proposed structure is a series of revolving alcoves, built similarly to revolving darkroom doors, self suspended by steel tube and floating in a routed track. Inside each cylinder is an installation designed by a different individual or small group of artists, of all kinds. The installations are multi-sensory by nature and should evoke themes of "multiverse" (the 2020 Burning Man theme), nostalgia, alternate universes or timelines. It is a revolving labyrinthine grid of installation artworks, one leading to the next. Participants create unique pathways through the art for a repeatable experience through a multitude of built world environments. 

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